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The excellent image quality of KARL STORZ camera systems is an advantage when combined with endoscopes as well as with surgical microscopes and colposcopes. Rather than being accessible only to the surgeon, the image can then be transmitted to a monitor to display it for assistants, surgical staff, and students as well. For instance, images can be transmitted to lecture rooms or be easily and quickly documented.

With the VITOM®, KARL STORZ also offers a system that allows unmatched visualization of the surgical field in open minimal-access procedures.

The VITOM® is mounted on a holding arm at a distance of 25-75 cm over the surgical site and allows brilliant visualization of the surgical procedure; it optimally supports ergonomics, training, education, and documentation.

.Hence, KARL STORZ supplies imaging systems that cover the entire range of endoscopic, open, and microsurgical procedures.



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