Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine

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Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine

Joints connect bones to each other and provide the body with agility and stability. Obesity, misalignment, physical inactivity as well as sports injuries can lead to joint problems and restricted movement.

Many minimally invasive techniques can now be performed in joint surgery thanks to modern arthroscopy. The product range from KARL STORZ covers endoscopic instrument sets and implants for treatment of the shoulder, elbow, hip and knee joints as well as the wrist, interphalangeal and ankle joints.

In cooperation with renowned physicians, KARL STORZ was able to develop innovative products and techniques for, among others, meniscal refixation, cruciate ligament reconstruction, reconstruction of shoulder instability as well as hip arthroscopy.

Furthermore, KARL STORZ offers an appropriate portfolio of implants for arthroscopic reconstructive procedures. This segment includes both titanium and bioresorbable implants such as interference screws, suture anchors and fixation buttons.


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