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In endoscopy, the visual information provided by the endoscopes combined with the surgeon’s experience and knowledge of anatomy as well as preoperatively generated radiology data sets establish the basis for the operative procedure. However, a prerequisite is – in addition to optimal endoscopic vision – precise orientation within the operative site. Extensive pathologies, scarring or altered anatomical conditions on account of previous surgeries can make it difficult to identify key structures that allow the maintenance of orientation within the operative site. This can affect the quality of the intervention and endanger the safety of the patient.

In such cases, support with spatial orientation is particularly helpful for the surgeon. The optical and electromagnetic navigation systems from KARL STORZ provide surgeons with excellent support in otorhinolaryngology and skull base surgery. During the procedure, the position of the instruments is continuously determined through optical navigation, where glass markers or reflectors are attached to the instruments, or electromagnetic navigation, where micro coils are integrated in the instrument tip.

Years of experience in instrument manufacture ensures the smooth and ergonomic integration of navigated instruments into the clinical routine.

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